Butterbraid Sales FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions over our sales! QUICK TIP: If you’re going door to door to sell, bring a notebook or use your phone to note down people’s names, addresses, their orders, and phone numbers.   How long are Butterbraids being sold? Through November 11-28 […]

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Fun Friday!

We welcome all incoming CSHS Orchestra kids to come out on Friday night to hang out in the orchestra hall! This should be a great way to get to know everyone outside of school hours. Movie of choice will be played, and we will designate rooms for […]

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Audition Results

Here are some preliminary audition results.  There are still some transfer students/new students who have auditions scheduled, so there is the possibility of changes. Congratulations to everyone!  We are going to have some outstanding orchestras next year!  

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Trip Contract 2018-2019

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New York Trip


Congratulations everyone for qualifying to play at Carnegie Hall in 2019! This is a huge accomplishment and everyone should be proud of the work and effort they put into learning the pieces. Now for the big facts as of 2018: Dates: March 9 – 12th, 2019 $2,064 […]

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Trip Contract and Grub Order Form

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Trip Information! Just a little of it though

On May4-5th, College Station High School Orchestra will be traveling up to the Dallas/Forth Worth area to compete in the DC Festival Competition. Afterward, we will relax with some fun and team building activities at Group Dynamics. For more information about the team building activities, click here. […]

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Congratulations All-Region Qualifiers

Symphony Orchestra Region Results: Violins: Phillip Kim, Isaiah Roa, Maria Clara Braga, Aditya Narayanan, Ishwar Balakrishna, Ashika Verma, Bryan Yan, Albert Chen, Mary Shandley, Kelsey Shao and Anna Bardenhagen Violas: Derek Song, Siddharth Jayaraman, and Mark Cahill Cellos: Susan Nam, Amy Hu, Maggie Li, Paul Kim, and […]

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Student Leadership Team 2017-2018

President: Ashika Verma Vice President: Sarah Yao Treasurer: Ruth Zamora Secretary: Anna Bardenhagen Loading Crew Manager: Johnathan Masabni Parliamentarian: Madison Platt Social Activities Director: Laura Graham Social Media Director: Mabel Dorta Public Relations Officer: Maggie Li Cougar Cabinet: Ishwar Balakrishna and Susan Nam   We look forward […]

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Trip Itinerary

This is the itinerary for the orchestra trip!

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