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Butterbraid Sales FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions over our sales!

QUICK TIP: If you’re going door to door to sell, bring a notebook or use your phone to note down people’s names, addresses, their orders, and phone numbers.


How long are Butterbraids being sold?

Through November 11-28
When will Butterbraids arrive?

December 11th
Is it okay to pick up my Butterbraid orders the next day after they arrive at school?

No. Please pick them up as soon as you can after school on Tuesday, December 11th.


What if I cannot pick up my Butterbraids?

Make arrangements beforehand with somebody else to deliver them for you. I would also notify your customers that another friend will be making deliveries for you.
Will the money raised go towards my trip?

Due to school policy, all profits made will be shared evenly among everyone in our organization.
Who should checks be made out to?

CSHS Orchestra


Where do my orders go online?

On Charms!


What if the customer decides to donate money instead of purchasing a Butterbraid?

Place it in our mailbox in an envelope labeled “Orchestra Donations”


I am not good at selling Butterbraids, what should I say?

Just to give you an idea: “Good afternoon/evening! CSHS Orchestra is selling Butterbraids until November 28. They will be here in time for Christmas on December 11! Would you like to support the orchestra and order one in time for the holidays?”
I cannot place my orders in charms through the app!

That’s right, you can’t. You have to do it on the Charms website through a computer.


Where do I turn in my form?

You do not have to. Just input all your orders through charms.


Should I participate in this?

Duh! You should. In all seriousness though, it is optional. It would be nice to have everyone participate since the profit is being equally divided among everyone. However, it’s your choice whether you choose to take a part in helping us out or not.

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